Legal information

As you have seen, we’ve asked personal information, as we are required by law. With these data we’ll inform the POLICE and elaborate tax. We firmly believe that the purpose is good, security for all.

Also, we will attach documentation tailored to meet fiscal legality of our territory; ie we send them to your email, a rental agreement and invoice management. These two documents, plus TOURIST TAX and bond, add the amount you paid for you. In that same shipment you will see a summary of it.

Notice that this property has complaint forms

Leaves complaint and claim.

Terms and Conditions


  • NOT a hotel. They coexist with neighbors who have different schedules or are not on vacation.
  • Throw trash on the out.
  • Not lose the keys and leave them to view the output. (lose it has an extra charge).
  • Schedule changes in input or output. (The inputs or outputs to out of time involve extra cost).
  • Battered clothes that can not be reused will be deducted from the damage deposit.
  • The price includes the ending cleaning and final laundry.
  • Breakages or losses are deducted from the damage deposit.
  • Recycle the trash. Sustainability forces us all.
  • Calculate consumption “usual” energy. High excess will be deducted from the damage deposit.
  • Housing have a detailed dossier of information summarized here.
  • We belong to different associations with the idea of sharing knowledge to help our friends and customers.

1- They are legally bound to read and understand these terms by becoming a user and contractor of our services.

2- Each accommodation has its own particular conditions regarding the general conditions.

3- Each accommodation has its general specifications:

  • A- Timetable: check-in after 4 pm; check-out before 12 am.
  • B- Age: Be of age and having the ability to contract.
  • C- Rules: Those indicated for each information sheet.
  • D- Specify the number of people occupying the accommodation. For more occupants, the property permission will be asked.
  • E- Once confirmed the availability and duly notified will request the payment of 50% of the reservation, non-refundable, through transfer, credit card, cash or through PayPal ( This payment will be duly confirmed by e-mail to the requesting sender, by our email
  • F- Between 3 and 7 days before arrival you will receive an email as a reminder of your reservation on the property.
  • G- The rest of the payment will be made in cash, by credit card or by PayPal, plus the corresponding deposit, at the time of arrival at the property.
  • H- At the time of departure, the bond, in addition to its specific purpose of breaking, will also serve to compensate for excess consumption of supplies or cleaning.
  • I- No type of works are allowed by the user on the reserved property.
  • J- Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel or modify the reservation up to 60 days before the date of arrival, 50% of the total stay will be charged.

If you cancel or modify the reservation after the deadline or does not appear, the full stay will be charged.

  • K- Deposit conditions:

50% of the total amount will be charged at least 60 days prior to arrival.

  • L- This budget is valid for two days. After that period it will be automatically canceled.
  • M- The check-in/check-out at odd times will be charged 40€
  • N- Tourist tax: 1.00 € person / night, up to a maximum of 7 nights and only over 16 years.

It is mandatory to send the following information to all the people who are going to stay in this property:

1-Name and surnames.
2-Date of birth.
3-Number of identity card, ID or passport.
4-Postal address.
5-Zip code.
Information Law: Law 5/2012 of 20 March on stays in tourist establishments.

  • O- Children do not have an extra charge. If you want highchairs, cribs or any extra, let us know. In any case, the property can not accommodate more people than allowed in the official documentation. If it’s babies or toddlers, let us know.

Owner terms:

1- Verify, justify and prove to be the owner of the property (hereinafter, the Property).

2- To contract with HLCLUB.ES (hereinafter, the Company) the rules of collaboration between both parts for the promotion of the property. The most relevant rules are:

A- The commission is generally estimated at 25% of the total reserve.

B- This commission includes:

i-The positioning work of the property on the Company’s website.

ii-The work of positioning the property on as many other web pages as possible.

iii-The amount of the inclusion of the property in the web pages of payment (direct or by commission).

iv-The amount of SEO positioning on the Internet.

v-The work of photographing the property and its surroundings; As well as the editing them. These photographs will be owned by the Company. If the property was stopped from being publicated, it would be removed from the Company’s database.

vi-The displacements to the property for meetings with the property as well as with the users.

vii-The administrative work required for the making of contracts with both the property and the users.

viii-The administrative work of communication with both the property and the users.

ix-The process of control in the check-in and check-out of the property for the confirmed reservations.

x-The process and administrative work for the corresponding settlements.

xi-The periodic maintenance of the property at an informative level in all exposed advertising.

xii-The supervision and communication of the conditions of the property.

xiii-The cleaning and laundry corresponding to the confirmed reservations.

xiv-Translation to all languages ​​required by users of relevant documents.

xv-Sending all the information regarding the users who will occupy the property.

xvi-The Company verifies that this page is duly registered in the Spanish Agency of Data Protection and whose file is registered in the name of Grupo Visto, S.L and tax identification code number ESB66126988, owned by Grupo Visto S.L, with address at Carrer de Pere Jacas, 29, VILANOVA I LA GELTRÚ, 08800, Barcelona, Spain, with CIF B66126988. That all the contents, texts, images and source codes belongs to me or to third parties who, or to whom they have acquired their exploitation rights, and are protected by the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal information you provide us through this page will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will be incorporated into our files in order to provide the requested services, respond to your requests for information, as well as send you information regarding our products and services, including by electronic means. In any case, you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided for by law, by contacting GRUPO VISTO, S.L, as Data Protection Officer, at calle de Pere Jacas, 29, VILANOVA I LA GELTRÚ, Barcelona, ​​attaching a copy of his national identity document. Also indicate that such data is not a mere copy of text. These data is registered, as required, by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and which can be consulted in the web portal AGPD, with its corresponding Registration Code.

3- The Company bills its client a% of the reservation, which corresponds to the commission agreed with the Property.

4- The property will be arranged for cleaning and laundry, for the property, before the check-in of the users.

5- The amount corresponding to the owner, including the VAT if necessary, will be the stipulated in the contract and the amount appears for this purpose on the website. This amount will be delivered or entered into the Property once it has been charged by the Company in the way it has been stipulated in the collaboration agreement.

6- As specified in the collaboration agreement there is a margin of discount for the Company and it will not be necessary to consult with the Property. For greater discounts, for whatever reason,the express permission to the Property will be requested.

7- The capacity of people of each property is also specified in the collaboration agreement.

8- An amount corresponding to the bond deposit is also requested to cover possible breakages; Also previously specified in the collaboration agreement.

9- The owner undertakes, as soon as possible, to inform the occupation to keep the calendars updated. If such changes are not notified and incur the cancellation of a reservation, these will be for account of the Property.

10- If the cancellation of a confirmed reservation is caused by causes outside the Property, it will receive 50% (less VAT) of the same, if this cancellation occurs at least 60 days in advance; For cancellations after 60 days and less than 30 days, the Property will not receive any amount. For cancellations after 30 days, the Property will receive the 50% mentioned.

11- As specified in the partnership agreement: consumption, fees, maintenance, preservation and reparations are charged to the property.

12- For damages or major accidents it would be advisable to have an adequate insurance policy.

13- Contracts, both for collaboration between the Property and the Company, as well as between the Property and the rental client are the property of the Company; Any plagiarism, copy, photocopy, whether on paper or by electronic means, that the Property uses for personal use, may be the cause of denouncement.