Immerse yourself in a world of textures, flavors and surprising colors with our chefs.

Discover our Show Cooking Experience: A luxury gastronomic experience for exquisite palates, ideal for corporate events, special occasions with family or friends or simply to enjoy our cuisine in a unique atmosphere.

Join our Show Cooking Experience and be amazed by the avant-garde culinary techniques.


You choose the location and style; we offer a variety of tourist accommodation to make the most of a luxurious dining experience.

A sunset in a villa, moonlight on a boat… The limit is your imagination!


Complete availability, without restrictions. You choose the date and time.

We offer a luxury service and we adapt to customer preferences.


We have built an invaluable network of contacts over the years, enabling us to meet all customer demands. We undertake this project with great enthusiasm and trust completely in the professionalism of our collaborators.

Would you like to see a flamenco tablao while you taste the chef’s specialties? Charter a boat to celebrate a special day and enjoy a cocktail party? Listen to the Spanish guitar in front of the Mediterranean while you try our delicatessen? Count on us to delight and conquer the most exquisite of your guests.


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