Hacienda will act on individuals who, in a non-transparent way, totally or partially transfer properties by internet or other means of tourism.

According to the Tax and Customs Control Plan designed by the Agency for this year, it will also act on those regular tourist companies that do not duly comply with their tax obligations and will perform face-to-face actions for the detection of irregular undeclared rentals.


This news can not seem better to us; And it is not for nothing unfare, but it is that, to those who we paid 316 € of autonomous, 21% of VAT, in ALL the invoices; Those who do not publish an unlicensed property; Those who lose hours and hours in informing the police, in collecting tourist fees; In going to enter taxes; That we intend to grow and thus create jobs; And that, in addition, we do our work as best as possible, investing without stopping… We think it is very good news that the Tax Agency catches and prosecute them… Because, we are all Moors or Christians and let’s just not be always the same four idiots that we pay…