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El resto de servicios, como traslados, internet, limpiezas, etc. son; por supuesto, a su entera elección. No hace falta decir que cualquier idea, sugerencia o ayuda será bienvenida y ¡celebrada!

El equipo de HLClub.Canyelles is a town located at Catalonia. Economic sectors, are: agriculture, chemical industry and tourism. Canyelles is a quaint and charming town, a strategic location linked between the sea and the mountains. The term is located north of Garraf and borders the Alt Penedès, forming an area surrounded by several mountains, 358m, 435m… Located in a forest setting between the Regional Park Olèrdola and Garraf Natural Park, provides the town fresh air, ideal for walking around the nature. The stream of Vilafranca crosses the municipality and from the mountains and hills that embrace the people down several streams that flow into the middle of the term, in the stream of Canyelles. Thus, we find a town rich in groundwater and in a natural environment. All these factors make Canyelles in a municipality with a great character and integrated into the local geography. The population of the municipality, as of January 2009, was of 4,130 inhabitants. The evolution in terms of population of Canyelles shows that the nineteenth century was the time of maximum expansion of the municipality. However, since the early twentieth century until the 1960-70 this growth was slowing gradually. Finally, the 80 where there has been a turning point: growth has accelerated through the creation of new developments. The municipality comprises, besides the town of Canyelles, several scattered farmhouses. The first document known in which appears mentioned this territory dates back to 992. Today, Canyelles is a municipality that has expanded, and has given rise to developments such as California, Can Roca, Cogullada, Daltmar…

Rest, distraction, fun, laughter, readings, baths, sun, mountain, gastronomy, Tarragona, Barcelona, Sitges, Vilanova, Penedès…

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Other services, such as transfers, internet, cleaning, etc. They are; of course, at your full election. No need to say that any ideas, suggestions or help would be welcome and held!

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California House in Canyelles by HLCLUB Agency

California House in Canyelles by HLCLUB Agency

Califòrnia, Canyelles
Chalet in the mountain would be the short and common name, although it is justice to call it “ More info
Hacienda Villa in Canyelles by HLCLUB Agency

Hacienda Villa in Canyelles by HLCLUB Agency

Raval, Canyelles
The HACIENDA VILLA is very comfortable and large, it is a house at street level with several rooms p More info