Becu is a modern style apartment, located in the best area of ​​Cubelles, in a residential area, distributed in a plant with three bedrooms and two bathrooms; along with an extensive exterior terrace and a pool for community use.; as well as a private parking.


The accommodation is made up of two rooms, distributed in a double -in suite room and in another individual room with two individual beds in nest. Apart from, it has a common bathroom and the aforementioned suite and independent kitchen, which give rise to a really luminous luminous room with a view to the wonderful woodland solar that has the accommodation.

House guide

After formalized the reservation will be sent a document via email, consisting of: seasonal contract, invoice and breakdown of tourist tax. It is our desire that they have the biggest and best detailed information as possible.


The instructions for use of the different elements of this property will be explained in greater detail by our team at check-in.
Any query that urges you can consult us through

Services and common areas

To get to BECU, you have to access your community down the street and access the apartment. It is a first floor without elevator, so it is not adapted for reduced mobility.

calendar, reservations and inquiries

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CubellesCubelles is a municipality of Catalonia, Spain, which occupies an area of ​​13.36 km² and has an altitude of 12 m. It is attached to the region of Garraf (Barcelona province) and is located 50 km from Barcelona. It is the last coastal town in the province of Barcelona and the Garraf region on the south

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Pre booking

To understand how closed the reserve 35% of the total payment will be paid. The rest of the payment will be made a few days before the entry; through the payment method you decide between property and tenant representatives.

Post Reservation

We hope we have helped; and, of course, if you find an error or throw something missing, send us an email to Thank you!

Extra fees

Deposit: €300 (returnable at departure if everything is in the same state as when you entered).We will take reading of the electricity meter at the entrance and at the exit; if the consumption exceeds the usual limits in summer periods, we will charge it separately.If there are unpaid amounts, make a bank transfer to the IBAN that we will provide. If you pay this amount with another means of payment:
PayPal (has an additional cost of 4 % if you choose payment of services If you choose "Send money", it has no cost).
Payment by card (has an additional cost of 2%) If you wish to pay with card mode, we will send you a link to our virtual POS). Attach us the account number through which you have made the previous transfer to be able to return, 7 days maximum after the departure, the deposit.

Expiration Budget

This budget is valid for two days. After that period it will be automatically canceled.


The guest will have to pay 50% of the total price if you cancel after booking, and the full price if you cancel within 60 days prior to arrival.

Check in and Check out

Checkin: from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Departures: from 08:00 h to 12:00. Arrivals out of time: an arrival can be agreed after 8:00 p.m., with a € 50 supplement.

Tourist Tax

It is mandatory to send the following information to all persons who will stay at this property:

  • 1-Name.
  • 2-Date of birth.
  • 3 -Number of identity card, passport or identity card.
  • 4-mailing address.
  • 5-Zip.
  • 6-population.
  • 7-Country.
  • 8-Nationality.

Children and extra beds

Children have no extra charge. If you want high chairs, cribs or extra, let us know. In any case, the property can not accommodate more people than allowed in the official documentation. If it comes to babies or toddlers, tell to us.

Cards and other payments accepted


We have a detailed inventory of all the elements that make up this property such as appliances, crockery, furniture, etc.
In the event that you need said document, please contact our central offices through the following email:


Floor height: 1
Elevator: No
Safe: No
Supermarket purchases: 500 meters
Buy Basic Stores: 500 meters
Concierge: No
Internet: No
Table games: Yeah
Toys: No
M² Exterior: twenty
Interior m²: 100
Pets: No
People with disabilities: No
Intercom: Yeah
You can smoke: No
Real estate: Apartment
Views: Neighborhood
Zone: Bardají


Type: Normal
Trays: Yeah
Blender: Yeah
Coffee maker: Yeah
Coffee makers (type): Capsules Nespresso
Bell: Yeah
Freezer: Yeah
Cups: Yeah
Covered: Yeah
Cubes: Yeah
Pantry: Yeah
Worktop: Yeah
Squeezer: Yeah
Butane gas: No
Natural gas: Yeah
Oven: Yeah
Induction: No
Washing machine: Yeah
Dishwasher: Yeah
Meters²: 9.96
Microwave: Yeah
Fridge: Yeah
Pans: Yeah
Cloths: Yeah
Cleaning products: No
Sandwich Maker: No
Pans: Yeah
Dryer: No
Napkins: No
Thermos: No
Kettle: No
Toaster: No
TV: Yeah
Crockery: Yeah
Glasses : Yeah

Living room

Air-conditioning: Yeah
Heating: Yeah
CD: No
Consoles: No
Cups: Yeah
Table games : Yeah
Meters²: 25,18
Radio: No
Chairs: Yes, 4
Armchairs: No
Couch: Yes, 1
Bed Type: No
TV: Yeah
Fan: No

Room 1

Air-conditioning: No
Heating: Yeah
Linens: Yeah
Bed Type: Nest (90x190)
Room type: Individual
Interior towels: Yeah
TV: No
Fan: No

Room 2

Air-conditioning No
Heating: Yeah
Linens: Yeah
Bed Type: Double (180x200)
Room type: Double
Interior towels: Yeah
TV: Yeah
Fan: Of ceiling

Room 3

Air-conditioning: No
Heating: Yeah
Linens: Yeah
Bed Type: Individual (90x190)
Room type: Individual
Interior towels: Yeah
TV: No
Fan: No

Bathroom 1

Where: Aisle
Cleanliness: Yeah
Bathtub: No
Bidet: No
Shower: Yeah
Dryer: No
Interior towels: Yeah

Bathroom 2

Where: suite room
Cleanliness: Yeah
Bathtub: Yeah
Bidet: Yeah
Shower: No
Dryer: Yeah
Interior towels: Yeah


Intercom: Yeah


Hot water: No
Deck: No
Childish: No
Furniture: No
Type: Community

Parking. Car

Car: Recommended
Entrance: Street
Interior or exterior: Inside
Command: Yeah
Level: -1
How many: 1
Type: Individual
Ford: Yeah


Meters²: 20 m²
Furniture: Chillout
How many: 1
Awning: Yeah


Iron: Yeah
Where: Room 1
Iron Table: Yeah

Guest service

Guests will be treated with all kinds of details and informed of the operation of devices, schedules, places for shopping, access, restaurants... To feel like home.


We want your stay as pleasant, enjoyable and fulfilling as possible; so you have all the information you need on this website. Blog Information and Support Holiday Season, where you can learn from leisure to the most serious information. There is also a guide for your area. Here you can see the most important directions for your own peace of mind. If you do not leave the Villa in their virtual format, you can also display, by clicking on our links, direct offers of cultural information, local activities, etc. We are creating a directory of links to major world newspapers for you to be informed of their hometowns. If you look at your favorite newspaper as soon not listed, please let us know and we can at your disposal. Needless to say that any idea is welcome and held! Team HLCLUB

Other highlights

If you believe that your arrival at the house could be outside the scheduled time, we ask them to tell us to organize everyone's agenda.


It is located in the best area of ​​Cubelles, residential area. Unbeatable situation, quiet and close to the most important services. A privileged area for quality customers such as HLClub.

House Rules

We hope that guests respect the neighbors and act as if they were at home; Not making excessive noise, respecting community rules, rest hours.

Recycling waste and taking them to the container. Remember that it is not a hotel, that not all of your neighbors are on vacation. We are members of the Barcelona Tourist Apartment Association and therefore we comply with an ethical code that supposes, among other things: take care of the environment, not to disturb the neighbors, create a good image of the apartment and be happy during the stay!

Of course, it is understood that common sense in respect for schedules, volume of sounds, cleaning and hygiene are assumed to the tenants of the apartment. Before your arrival we will send you all the information they need for a wonderful stay.

After an ocular inspection and technical consultation we recommend that you do not have connected the air conditioning to such a low temperature and for so much time since the installation can suffer from overtust, being able to reach the technical collapse to end up spoiling.

The repair of such installation can be between € 1,000 and € 3,500, depending on what is spoiled; So we strongly recommend that they make good use of the devices.

The house can be perfectly fresh and well ventilated at 26 ºC. Provided that they are opening doors and windows we recommend disconnecting the air and connecting it when necessary.

In the bond relative to your stay in our accommodation, possible damages that occur in the property and in turn excessive use of consumption are contemplated, such as the following:

Leave the air conditioning or heating even if they are not in accommodation.
Put the air conditioning at less than 22 degrees.
Put the heating at more than 21 degrees.
Use heating or air conditioning with open windows and doors.

Receive a cordial greeting and remember that we are here to help them; But let's also help the planet.


Thank you so much.